segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

Ser feliz

I love my Mum and Dad - they're the centre of my world.

It is their special, loving presence that helps my life unfurl.

I went straight to Mum for cuddles right after I was born.

It's the best place in the world, so blissful, soft and warm.


When I'm hungry, tired or lonely, my cries are swiftly heeded.

With lots of love and kindness I am given what is needed.

For the best part of the day I am carried in a sling.

It's such a reassuring way for my new life to begin.


It's a lovely, cosy place to have a little sleep,

And because I am so happy there, I hardly make a peep.

There are so many things to look at as we go from place to place,

I also really like being able to see my mummy's face.

Sometimes it is Daddy who carries me around.

I can hear his heartbeat - it's such a comforting sound.


At night I like to know that Mum and Dad are near.

Lying close beside them means I sleep soundly with no fear.

My parents are so patient as I learn the way of things.

They laugh at funny moments that a new day with me brings.


I love that Mum and Dad give me so much of their time.

It makes me feel so loved. I grow confident and shine.


The time and love they gave me will certainly endure,

For I'm an adult now, happy, confident and secure.

Megan Tyers
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  1. Olá, gostei do teu "regresso", gosto de te ler e todos os dias o Nascer em ti é passagem obrigatória nas minhas leituras blogueiras, é com pena que nalguns blogs me deparo com textos em ingles..continuamos com a mania do ingles...afinal somos ou não portugueses? Amar e ser feliz em Portugues tambem é fixe! ;O)